About Us

We love making custom soap and its what we do best!

Our Goal is to make your unique product and help you tell your story.
To us, custom cosmetics is an art, a science and a business.

Art in the sense that you want the product that your customers will find the most appealing.

Custom Soap Manufacturing

Science – We are always researching and testing new materials to offer suggestions for new and existing clients.

Business – A working relationship that we hope lasts a very long time and makes both parties a good return on investment.

Our base oils are all 100% natural with a wide selection of essential oils to choose from. Fragrance oils are available along with Organic and Sustainable Palm oil.

Our Focus

We are one of the only soap companies that focus solely on custom soap manufacturing. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work to make YOUR custom soap…and we enjoy every minute of it!

Soap Master Creighton

He loves talking about custom soap. Give him a call now to talk about YOUR custom soap. 484-4MY-SOAP (484-469-7627)

The Beginning

The Rocky Mountain Body Works & Co was founded in 2006 with a love and passion for all things Colorado. The first signature soaps and lip balms we handcrafted were Mt. Peppermint, Ghost Town Shivers Spearmint and Vale Wintergreen. Soon we added The Unsinkable Molly Brown Lavender, Pizzelle Anise, Grandmother’s Pink Grapefruit and Black Diamond Coal, which had a Cinnamon and Clove scent.

Founder’s Note

We did the farmer’s markets and gift shops and found that pretty much everyone made the same product with different labels. It was not challenging enough to make the same 7 soaps and lip balms over and over. “This wasn’t the reason I started a soap company, “said the founder, Creighton.

How It Started

Then one day a friend who worked at a B&B in Manitou Springs asked me to stop by and show off my products. They liked the Unsinkable Molly Brown Lavender and asked if could make small bars with a custom label of their founder. Finally, a challenging endeavor while making soap!


Our focus is making the custom products that our customers request. Every day is a new challenge conceptualizing what it is our customers want. Not only do we make custom soap for Bed & Breakfasts, we make thousands of bars for;

  • Private Label Soap
  • Custom Soap
  • Bulk Soap
  • Private Label Beard Oil
  • Private Label Shaving Soap
  • Custom Scent Blends
  • Wholesale
  • Weddings
  • Shops and Boutiques
  • Corporate Events
  • Custom Gifts
  • And even Guest “Dude” Ranches

Rocky Mountain Body Works & Co transitions to Custom Soap Colorado

After years of explaining what the Rocky Mountain Body Works & Co’s purpose was we renamed the business to match what we do and who we are. We make custom soap and we live in Colorado, one of the most beautiful states in the country…so the name was simple, Custom Soap Colorado.

We still operate under the name Rocky Mountain Body Works & Co and do business as Custom Soap Colorado. We look forward to your call and to making YOUR custom soap!